Traffic Engineering Studies

Having a full understanding of roadway networks, roadway users, and the intended use of specific facilities today and in the future, lets us provide top-notch traffic engineering studies.


Our team of experts step through a process by understanding expectations clearly, assessing all impacts, identifying appropriate mitigation measures, and providing achievable recommendations through benefit-cost (B/C) analysis and net present value (NPV) analysis when providing the following services:

  • Access Management Plans
  • Community Traffic Safety Program (CTSP) Support
  • Corridor Safety Studies
  • Crash Analysis
  • Evaluations of Traffic Movement Restrictions
  • Flashing Yellow Analysis
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Support
  • Intersection Safety Studies
  • Left Turn Phasing Studies
  • Levels of Service (Los) Analysis
  • Mid-Block Crossing Assessment
  • Mitigation Plans
  • No Passing Zone Studies
  • One-Way Street Circulation Evaluations
  • Operational Studies
  • Pedestrian Crossing Assessments
  • Pedestrian Safety/Crash Data Reviews
  • Qualitative Assessments
  • Railroad Preemption Studies
  • Road Safety Audits (RSA)
  • Safe Routes to School Studies
  • Signal Timing Development Studies
  • Signalized Intersection Qualitative Assessments
  • Speed Studies
  • Traffic Calming Analysis
  • Traffic Circulation Plans and Traffic Routing Plans
  • Traffic Control Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Operational/Safety Studies
  • Traffic Signal System Retiming
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O)
  • Travel Time and Delay Studies


Major & Minor Roadway

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