FDOT District 2, SR 5/US 1/Philips Highway at Reba Avenue/Putnam Avenue, Duval County, FL


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Protean Design Group evaluated and designed improvements to the intersection of SR 5/US 1/Philips Highway at Reba Avenue/Putnam Avenue. This project included signing and pavement markings, widening of turn lanes, reconstruction and widening of turnouts to accommodate a large design vehicle, modifications to median ditches, and installations of inlets. SR 5/US 1/Phillips Highway is a four-lane divided urban roadway with a dedicated bicycle lane and sidewalk in each direction. The Protean team performed traffic data collection that included eight turning movement counts and 24-hour approach counts, as well as queue length analysis for left turn lanes.

During the project, FDOT Central Office and FDOT District 2 changed the project to become one of the two Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) pilot projects for the District. Based on the evaluation, Protean determined a modified partial restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) was the best option to implement at SR 5/US 1/Phillips Highway at Putnam Avenue and Reba Avenue. Protean is now completing the design services to implement the RCUT.

A public hearing was held to present the proposed project improvements to the public, in which a comment was received from the public relating to the location of the proposed pedestrian crossings at Reba Avenue and Putnam Avenue, with concerns that these locations may not be the most desirable location for pedestrian users. It was noted that there is heavy pedestrian traffic that currently crossed SR 5 at the unsignalized/unmarked location near Clinton Road. The Protean Team performed bicycle/pedestrian counts over a six-day duration through the limits of the study area (approximately 2,000 feet) to determine the consolidated areas and volume of midblock crossings. A midblock crossing assessment was performed and based on the outcome of the assessment it was determined that a midblock crossing at Clinton Avenue was warranted and the best treatment option for the crossing was a high-intensity activated crosswalk (HAWK) signal. Protean also provided design services for the HAWK signal.

Protean performed an assessment to determine if a midblock crossing was warranted

Milling and resurfacing, pavement widening, median modifications, drainage/ditch modifications, extensive signing and pavement markings, signalization, lighting, and signal interconnection are additional tasks associated with this project.

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