Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), SR 91 (Turnpike Mainline) from the Lantana Toll Plaza (MP 88) to US 301 (MP 305) Northbound Evacuation Study, Florida


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Protean Design Group began this project with the evaluation of operations along SR 91 (Turnpike Mainline) from SR 50 (MP 272.2) to US 301 (MP 305) to assess the temporary use of northbound shoulders in the case of emergency evacuations.

Our assessment included the evaluation of outside versus inside shoulder use; operations at four interchanges and one rest area; potential need for pavement widening; impacts to 11 overpass bridges, 14 underpass bridges, three bridge culverts, two farm crossings and miscellaneous structures; and options for the termination of the emergency shoulder use and transitions back to existing lanes at the north end of the project.

Our study limits then expanded to include MP 88 to MP 272. Protean’s overall recommendation for the entire system was to use the outside northbound shoulder as a third lane during evacuations. The section between MP 249 to 272 already consists of three lanes northbound, thus improvements were not needed. Once Hurricane Irma hit the State, we fast-tracked development of the plans to complete construction of pinch points in Lake County by the 2018 hurricane season. Protean also developed an implementation plan so that all pinch points between MP 88 and MP 249 were let for construction under regional groupings or included under current construction projects with the goal to be completed by the start of the 2019 hurricane season.

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