Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), SR 570/Polk Parkway at Braddock Road, Polk County, FL


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Protean Design Group was responsible for the preparation of a design-build request for proposal (RFP) package with accompanying 45% conceptual design plans to construct the widening of SR 570/Polk Parkway from two lanes to four lanes between MP 18 and MP 22 and the new full interchange at Braddock Road.

Additionally, Protean was responsible for the design and preparation of an Existing Roadway Conditions Assessment Report (ERCAR) for SR 570 (Polk Parkway) from MP 17.1 to 18.0 and MP 22.0 to 24.38, which included all ramps for the interchanges at US 92 (MP 17), Pace Road (MP 23), and I-4 (MP 24). The ERCAR included a detailed analysis of the existing conditions with respect to design standards and safety of the roadway, bridges, drainage, signs, and miscellaneous project components. The ERCAR documented deficiencies, recommended solutions, and identified associated costs.

Widening to the north and the dogbone (roundabout) interchange concepts were selected. The design-build RFP will include a summary of Protean’s ERCAR recommendations.

The project included furnishing a full 3D corridor model utilizing the FDOTSS4 workspace.

Protean also supported the Turnpike in the preparation of the PD&E as the lead design firm for the proposed Polk Parkway interchange at Braddock Road and the widening of Braddock Road from two to four lanes. The project limits included all ramps for the following interchanges: US 92 (MP 17), Pace Road (MP 23) and SR 400/I-4 (MP 24). Protean developed four fully directional interchange concepts; 1. Dogbone (roundabout) interchange, 2. Tight Diamond interchange, 3. Partial Cloverleaf interchange, and 4. Wide Diamond interchange. Three concepts for the Braddock Road widening were also developed involving a north, south, and centered widening design.

Other roadway elements included analysis and design of a signalized intersection and roundabout concepts for the SunTrax entrance at Braddock Road, the design of a new neighborhood access road, the design of an access road around the proposed SunTrax facility, and the realignment of the County’s water treatment plant access road. Conceptual level drainage designs were developed for each concept including potential pond sites. Protean also developed LRE level cost estimates, identified utility conflicts, and identified right-of-way (ROW) requirements for each concept. Protean supported the public involvement effort, including a public information meeting and coordination with the local agencies.

Protean performed all necessary design to obtain the stormwater and environmental permits from Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE).

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