FDOT District 2, SR 5/US 1/Ponce de Leon Boulevard from North City Gates to Cross Ridge Drive, St. Johns County, FL


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Protean Design Group is currently leading the milling and resurfacing of approximately 14.38 miles of SR 5/US 1/Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St. Augustine, FL. The main intent of this project is to preserve the roadway integrity. This segment of SR 5 (US 1) is classified as an urban and rural principal arterial, has an Access Management Class of 03 and 05, and serves as a hurricane evacuation route. Throughout the project limits, from North City Gates to Cross Ridge Drive, the roadway typical section consists of a four-lanes divided road with 11-foot travel lanes in the southbound direction and 12-foot travel lanes in the northbound direction, 6-foot inside shoulders (2-foot paved), 8-foot outside shoulders (5-foot paved), and a 30-foot median.

Preserve the roadway integrity

Additional improvements include ADA upgrades, minor drainage modifications, driveway modifications to prevent erosion, preventative measures to prevent over tracking, signing and pavement markings, bicycle keyhole lanes, signal upgrades, addition of backplates and flashing yellow signal heads, pedestrian signal upgrades, design survey, subsurface utility exploration (SUE), right-of-way surveys, and coordination with multiple agencies.


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