FDOT District 1, SR 758/Bee Ridge Road from Siesta Drive to Bond Place, Sarasota County, FL


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Under our Districtwide Minor Design contract, Protean Design Group designed plans to mill, resurface, and partially reconstruct SR 758/Bee Ridge Road from Siesta Drive to Bond Place, a distance of 3.82 miles. The Seminole Gulf Railroad crossing was excluded from the roadway work. We conducted a pre-scope report that summarized the existing conditions of SR 758/Bee Ridge Road and the requirements to extend the service life of the existing asphalt pavement and improve safety of the roadway. The project was originally intended to fully reconstruct the roadway, but through thorough investigations by the Protean team, we found leaking pipes were the leading cause of the pavement cracking and curb and gutter settling. We replaced the main trunk line and select laterals to fix the leaking pipes, and then reconstructed only the two outside lanes above the trunk line. The remainder of the lanes were milled and resurfaced to reduce costs and keep a majority of the roadway intact. Utility coordination was a critical path item and a Utility Work by Highway Contractor (UWBHC) agreement was obtained for the relocation of utilities.

Two urban typical sections were present throughout the corridor. From Siesta Drive to SR 45/US 41, the three-lane typical section included turn lanes, a closed drainage system, a design/posted speed of 30 miles per hour (MPH), and 5- to 7-foot sidewalk on both sides of the road with a utility strip. From SR 41/US 41 to Dunn Avenue, the typical section included seven lanes with a bidirectional turn lane, 13-foot outside lanes, a closed drainage system, 5- to 7-foot sidewalks on both sides of the road, and a design/posted speed of 45 MPH. Friction course (FC) 12.5 was utilized and the existing typical footprint was restriped.

Protean Design Group also prepared plans for the addition of median refuge islands and pedestrian signal improvement plans at eight signalized intersections along 3.63 miles of SR 758, from SR 45/US 41 to Dunn Drive, as a goes-with project. The intersection at Siesta Drive required conversion from strain poles to mast arms. This also required our team to complete signal timings and interconnect services. We replaced and provided a combination of loops and vehicle detection systems based on maintaining agency preferences (Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota). Signal backplates were updated at all intersections. Single- and multi-post signs were designed, along with railroad crossing signs and school zone pavement markings. Structural design was required for the mast arms and retrofitting of the bridge railings.

Intelligent transportation system (ITS) services included evaluation of system alternatives, cost-benefit (CB) analysis, traffic management center (TMS) integration, electronic systems and hardware, and utilization of Naztec, ATMS.now, Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption, Cameleon camera control, and RUGGEDCOM network gear software.

Conversion from strain poles to mast arms

A detailed Level 4 temporary traffic control plan (TTCP) was required. Lane closures reduced the travel lanes from seven lanes to five lanes while the trunkline was replaced.

A public hearing was required due to the addition of the pedestrian facilities. Protean Design Group supported District 1 with these efforts. We also provided utility coordination assistance by maintaining the utility conflict matrix and reviewing utility work schedules. Coordination with Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota was required for the ITS and signal portion to incorporate the maintaining agency’s preferences.

Unique to this project, Protean Design Group managed the efforts of multiple (four) consultants that were under contract directly with District 1 through Districtwide Resurfacing/Miscellaneous Design contracts. This afforded the District one point of contact with the design team and streamlined the process through constant communication and minimal input from the District’s project manager.

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