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Best company culture ever! I have been in HR for decades and I have loved my employer before, but never have I worked for a company so focused on doing what is best for their employees and their families. If there is ever a decision that has to be made I can honestly say the owners always decide in the employee’s favor. It’s always what is fair and what is best for the employee. They are parents, they have aging parents, they have a lot of what all of us have going on in our lives and they manage this company with that in the forefront, plus a big dose of fun.

— Kim Reed, HR Manager

Working for Protean has been a wonderful introduction for me into the world of transportation engineering. Everyone here is very kind, and all have attributes that I really look up to and hope to embody in my future career. The people here are dedicated and hard working, which is inspiring to me, but also really know how to have fun and enjoy everyday office life. Working at Protean isn’t just sitting in a bland cubicle working on the computer. Every day at work has moments that make it fun. As a student, starting work here two years ago was really nerve-racking. It was my first time holding a part time job and a full-time school schedule. Everyone here assured me school comes first, and I have always been able to take any time I need off to study. From what I have heard, not all students are fortunate enough for this to be the case so it is not something I take for granted. Protean was my first student engineering internship and as I enter into my final semester, it will be my last. I am very excited to begin full time once I finish school and to continue improving the skills I’ve developed while here.

— Kristina Simpson, Engineering Student Intern

As a woman engineer, it started to seem to me that being both a mom and an engineer was impossible. Past experiences had shown me this balance wasn’t as prevalent as you believe it should be in this current day and age. I’ve been at Protean for almost a year now and have taken a few personal days to stay home with my sick child during his first year of life. Never have my superiors or coworkers made me feel guilty or underachieving for each day I took to be the caregiver I needed to be for my family. The company’s determination to understand their employees’ life demands is refreshing and greatly appreciated.

— Laura Rossi, PE, Project Manager

I like to call Protean a unicorn of a firm—something you’ve always heard of but rarely (or never) see! Protean actually practices work-life balance, and that comes from the top down. They listen to your individual goals and they allow you to drive your career path where you want it to go. They want you to do what makes you happy at work, but they also make sure you have enough time to do what makes you happy outside of the office. I have been amazed with the firm and ALL staff—from student interns to the President—since day one. Quality is embedded in everything we do. Every team member works hard and helps out with any task (even if it’s cleaning up after a staff party), and I can say I call everyone I work with a true friend. I am happy that I have found my career ‘forever home’ and cannot brag about Protean enough!

— Anna Skeete, Marketing Manager

There are many things I like…no no no, LOVE about Protean! As an intern, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd in a big company, but here, I can ask anyone for help and they always have the answer. It’s amazing being part of a team you can count on and be so close to. We have so much fun! I never thought I’d have this much fun working for an engineering design firm. It was definitely a pleasant surprise for me dating back to my first day. I love the fact that Protean loves to give back to their community. It felt so great to adopt-a-family and play Santa Claus for the holidays. It was an honor to lead that effort. And for the families hit hard by the hurricane in the Panhandle, Protean didn’t think twice and made sure those families got what they were in dire need for.

Overall, I feel humbled to work for such a contributable and growing company. From the day I met them at the UCF career fair, I knew Protean was not like the other firms. They definitely made Protean sound like a company I would want to work for. When I had the decision to go work for a local construction firm or Protean, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Everyone here has been nothing short of wonderful and I am glad to have met them all.

— Mario Texeira, Engineering Student Intern