Project Engineer II


We are looking for transportation engineers who have been working for 1 - 2 years to join our Highway and Traffic Systems Groups. Protean is a quality-focused company with a hard-earned reputation for submitting quality plans and innovative and thoughtful designs. We have found that hiring engineers who are not long out of school allows us to teach them the "Protean Way" so the experience base that they build upon is solid and they become great engineers. Be warned - we are looking for super stars who are smart, love transportation design and are go-getters who want run this company some day.

If you are interested in a full-time position as a Project Engineer II (EI), apply today so we can see if we're a good match for what you want to do.


  • BS degree in Civil Engineering or similar engineering degree program
  • Licensed Engineering Intern (EI)
  • One to two years of post-graduation engineering experience (a mix of internship and post-grad work can count)
  • 18 years old or older
  • Eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship


Full benefits,
no premiums.

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Employee Benefit Package

Our employee benefits cost our full-time employees nothing, nada, zip!
We pay 100% of the monthly premiums for medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurances. Heck, we even have a health insurance plan that PAYS YOU!

Retirement Savings

We know your career is just getting started, but it's never too soon to plan your mac-daddy retirement dreams. Employees can invest in our 401(k) plan to make those dreams come true and we'll help grow your savings faster with a company match.

Annual Bonus

We want to share our success with our employees. When we have a good year, you'll be rewarded for your contributions through our bonus program which is based on our profitability each year.

Paid Time Off

Our employees earn paid time off starting on their very first day. PTO can be used however you want to use it - vacations, home projects, a good old fashioned mental health day or a Netflix marathon - no judgement.

Paid Holidays

We close all our offices for seven (7) paid holidays every year so you can celebrate and spend time with family and friends. Tell Aunt Edna we said "Hey!"

Direct Deposit

Every two weeks your pay will magically appear in your bank account - Ta Da!

Employee Events

We have the best employee events and parties around. Every year we host 1 - 2 employee events where we go to places like the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival and whoop it up. We also host celebratory in-office tail-gates throughout the year and a family event each spring.

Protean Swag

When you start, you get serious swag including a toy Nerf gun so you can participate in our epic Nerf Wars.


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What do you want to accomplish in your career? Apply today to see if we’re a good match.

* Applicants must be legally authorized to work for Protean Design Group in the United States without employer sponsorship. We do not sponsor H1-B or any other work visa petitions.

* Protean is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion or creed, sex, national origin or ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or citizenship.